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Aristotle Roufanis' Blog

Reflections on personal development

19th March 2020/Making work/0 Comments

The past few months have been great in terms of developing my skills. Through working…

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Thoughts on the current situation

19th March 2020/Thoughts/0 Comments

It’s already been more than a week since we had to self-isolate at home with…

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Research Paper / October 2019

10th February 2020/Research/0 Comments

  Evolution of propaganda as an instrument of alienation in modern times   by Aristotle…

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Experimenting with noise line patterns

16th January 2020/Making work/0 Comments

During the past two months, I’ve been consumed by a fascination for Touch Designer, a…

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Reflecting after a piece of negative critique

25th November 2019/Thoughts/0 Comments

During 21-24 November 2019, I was honoured with a scholarship to attend a workshop by…

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Reflecting on last year and current practice status

22nd August 2019/Thoughts/0 Comments

It seems like summer is a great time for reflection and setting goals. Maybe it…

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Visiting “Shedia”, the greek street magazine

10th August 2019/Research/0 Comments

Shedia (Σχεδία in greek) is the only magazine in Greece being sold only by homeless…

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Visiting the Hospice for Neuro – disability in Athens

5th August 2019/Research/0 Comments

On the 24th of July, I visited the Hospice for Neuro-Disability (Άσυλο Ανιάτων) in Athens.…

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